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Steve &
Susan Vinton

Steve & Susan Vinton (Village Schools International) are currently working in Tanzania setting up secondary schools for young adults who would not otherwise have any chance at an education. These students are exposed to the gospel through chapel services, but more importantly through interaction with teachers who model Christian love and compassion. These students go on to be an influence for the gospel in their villages where their education earns respect and their new-found faith in Christ brings hope for this life and the life to come. Click here for the VSI website for more news and info.

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Matt &
April Sykes

Matt and April help to facilitate the work of Camp Caribe in Pone, Puerto Rico. They are constantly given opportunities to serve local children as well as work groups who travel from the States to take on various projects around the camp grounds. 

Titus & Kristy

The Lloyds (Titus, Kristy, Zechariah, Matthew and Maggie) are currently serving in Malawi, East Africa by specializing in community development through technology. Titus runs an internet cafe while also working along side a local Bible college. They have a passion for the people of Malawi and continue to serve God through the many opportunities that are presented to them. 


Kenedy & Sophia

Tanzania nationals Kenedy and Sophia and their children (Stella, Frank, Ben, and Cecilia) have been serving the Lord on their home continent for decades. Kenedy's current role as GMI's Malawian field director allows him to oversee existing ministries while also being on the front line of new church planting opportunities. 

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