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How Can I Help?


Want to help us out at CBCYG but don't know how?


Here are some ways you can contribute to what we do...


Spread the Word

Know any teenagers who are not involved with a church? Tell them about us! Bring them a calendar. Offer them a ride to Youth Group. This is one of the greatest ways to help!


Open up your house, or yard for an event

Have a great backyard, a pool, a nice home theater? Let us know! Talk to or email Mitch.


Sponsor a Student

Sometimes a little bit of money is the only thing holding a student back from joining in on fun events. If you would like to contribute to making sure every student can fully experience the trips and events we offer, talk to or email Mitch.



It may sound simple, but it's true. Praying for our ministry and our students is such a great way to help. If you want to know more about what you can pray for, talk to or email Mitch.



There are many other ways you can help out. Make a snack for Youth Group. Donate those old tennis rackets you don't use. Offer to drive students to and from an event. The sky's the limit!


Email Mitch:

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